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Haven’t been drawing much lately, so I’ve started doing lunch break sketches again to shake off the rust.

For some reason I got the urge to illustrate a bunch of typical fantasy RPG type characters, so I thought I’d try to do male and female incarnations of some common archetypes.

First up is the male warrior/barbarian type dude. He’s not done, still needs some more junk on him so he’s not so plain, but it’s what I managed to finish today. Somewhere between 45 mins and an hour’s work or so. I’ll try to do daily updates for as long as I can keep this up!


This is my entry to the DOA5U Team Ninja Designer Challenge: Tina as “Wasteland Warrior”! Just like last time I only found out about the contest very close to the deadline, but since I didn’t enter last time I really felt like I had to make it happen this time around. Because of the tight deadline I had to rush the design a bit, but all in all I’m pretty happy with how the art turned out.

Please consider voting for my design once the voting opens! :)

Read more about the contest here:

Voting is officially open! Please vote for my design ^^

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