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I injured my shoulder the other week, more or less rendering me unable to work on art stuff, but I’m recovering and slowly getting back into the groove of things.

Did this simple mockup thing for a potential UI design. I don’t really have any solid ideas for UI/menu type stuff though, mostly just kind of aimlessly improvising. Not very happy with this at all, but it’s a start. If nothing else it’s fun to get a bit more of an idea of what the actual game might look like.

Trying to figure out the final design for Norton. Unlike Ariel I had a clearer idea of what I was aiming for from the beginning, but it’s still been very interesting just to mess around with a few different elements and see where I end up. What’s no different at all though is the fact that the original design (A in this case) stands out to me as by far the most boring one. Guess that means I must be doing something right. :P

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